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Two Trade Shows are held semi-annually in February and September. These Trade Shows are attended by a large majority of suppliers, franchisees and Head Office staff. It is a great opportunity to meet suppliers face to face and see some of the latest products that will be introduced to the marketplace.

Over a three day period, franchisees are given the opportunity to visit booths from over 60 different suppliers and pre-book seasonal merchandise in various categories. The Trade Show allows franchisees a chance to touch and feel the product to ensure sound purchasing decisions.

In addition to the buying portion of the Trade Show, franchisees are treated to a day thatís dedicated entirely to lectures, seminars and guest speakers. This interactive environment allows franchisees to converse and team build with other franchisees. Great ideas are shared, new suppliers are introduced and long-term friendships are built as everyone comes together looking for ways to continually improve the overall business practices of Your Dollar Store with More.