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Your Dollar Store with More has revolutionized the dollar store franchising industry by developing an unprecedented Rebate Program that negotiates and returns supplier rebates to franchisees. With results like this, it begs the question, "What are the other franchises doing with their rebates?"

Building a successful Rebate Program has taken commitment and discipline from franchisees and suppliers, but the results are evident and the rewards are huge. Franchisees are encouraged to focus their buying power through key suppliers, who are called Preferred Suppliers. Each year franchisees purchase more and more product through the preferred suppliers driving rebates up and wholesale prices down.

With over 125 locations across Canada, there is tens of millions of dollars worth of inventory being sold through Your Dollar Store with More each year. This annual volume provides a great opportunity to negotiate prices, rebates, terms and product availability with suppliers. Simple economics dictates that the best price goes to the largest customer and since Your Dollar Store with More is the largest dollar store franchising company in Canada, itís only fitting that their wholesale prices are better than their competitors.

After nineteen successful years of building solid relationships with key dollar store suppliers, we can confidently say that Your Dollar Store with More is supported by some of the finest and most reputable suppliers in the industry. Check out the supplier testimonials to hear what they have to say.

Canada Dollar Stores Suppliers