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Online Training

In todayís highly competitive staffing environment, itís important to provide your employees with the necessary tools to help them grow and develop as a team member at Your Dollar Store with More. Each staff member you hire should become a better employee while working under your care and attention.

To assist you as a franchisee, Your Dollar Store with More has identified three areas of training support that will better equip you and your staff on what it takes to create a friendly and exciting shopping experience, while providing outstanding customer service.

Staff Training

This training module has been created as an entry point for new staff members. The information contained in this training module will provide your staff members with the foundational information necessary for providing effective and thorough customer service, developing their merchandising and retail skills, while taking responsibility for the success they experience as an employee.

Manager Training

This training module is designed for the employee who has what it takes to move into a more responsible role within your operation. This individual will have an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and take their game to the next level. Delegating certain responsibilities to a trusted and professional manager, allows franchisees to work on their business rather than in their business.

Franchisee Training

The information new franchisees receive in the first two weeks of opening their store can be overwhelming and daunting. To ensure that you donít miss a beat and that you prioritize your day to day activities, we have developed a check list as a reminder to help you stay on track. In this module you can conveniently review information on staffing, ordering, merchandising, inventory, accounting procedures, supplier information and more.

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