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Marketing Support

For a business to be success in today's marketplace, it's important to engage customers through various forms of marketing. Your Dollar Store with More has established a Your Local Marketing Plan (YLMP) to ensure that franchisees are actively marketing their store by assisting them with their marketing decisions. A Marketing Director oversees the Your Local Marketing Plan from Head Office and his role is to maximize the YLMP contributions to their full potential.

The YLMP is built on a 1/2% royalty of sales, which is a small fraction of what most businesses spend on marketing. These funds are invested directly back into your community through a targeted flyer program as the foundational marketing tool. This is a good foundational base for franchisees to build upon. Additional marketing activities could includes team sponsorships, store signage, newspaper or radio ads, magazine ads, cloth reusable shopping bags, etc., all of which qualify for reimbursement under the YLMP.

Marketing Support – Additional marketing support is available to assist you in actively marketing your store into your community. Graphic design of newspaper ads and other print support materials, along with radio support, cross promotional ideas, event planning and other marketing tactics are developed and stored on the “media vault” located in the secured franchisee area of the website.

Grand Opening Ad – designed to generate store traffic and create excitement and awareness around the Grand Opening of your new store. All aspects of your Grand Opening will be coordinated, including contact with media, design of your ads and promotional offers for your customers.

Newspaper Advertisement – pre-designed newspaper ads are available to help promote the various departments of Your Dollar Store with More. These ads are easy to customize, allowing you control over the products promoted and incentives offered to your customers.

Your Dollar Store with More Radio Jingle – also known as a musical identity, is used to increase the impact of radio advertising for our franchisees. Assistance is also available for planning and purchasing any radio commercials to ensure you get the most impact for your investment.